St Andrew's (Barnsbury) CofE Primary School


Governors are people who want to contribute to St Andrew’s School’s well-being and effectiveness.  They are supportive of the school, its staff and its mission, and want to make a positive contribution to children’s education.


Together as a governing body, we oversee the development of the school and ensure a high standard of teaching and learning.  We provide a strategic overview, monitor and evaluate progress, make decisions about expenditure and the school’s budget, and work closely with the headteacher and leadership team of the school.


The governing body is drawn from the staff of the school, the Local Authority, parents and the wider community.  


The full governing body meets every term, but most of our work is delegated to three committees, which also meet regularly:


·         Curriculum and Achievement

·         Children, Families and Community

·         Resources, Premises, Personnel and Finance


St Andrew’s School’s governing body is completely committed to the school, and want each child to ‘aspire, believe and achieve’.


If you would like to contact the governors about any concerns or suggestions please get in touch through the school office.