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Canterbury Class (Year 6)

Hi everyone,

We are Canterbury Class, and our class is named after the city of Canterbury and its famous Cathedral, which is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Our teacher this year is Mrs. Norris.

We have been really busy already this year, learning about: evolution and inheritance; the human body; Darwin and his journey across the world on the HMS Beagle; persuasive writing; specific genre; the refugee crisis and the UN Convention; the Christian sacraments and completing lots of different investigations in maths, too.

Some of our favourite things to do include: drama and dancing, P.E., PSHE discussions and working together to create presentations or speeches. We also love challenging ourselves in everything we do. We enjoy going on trips and this year we have visited St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Isle of Wight, where we spent a week challenging ourselves to complete (sometimes scary!) activities and learning all about teamwork. In the end, we really appreciated and learnt a lot from being pushed out of our comfort zones!

We believe that peer support and an atmosphere of love and trust within the classroom is key to our learning. We are aiming to master our subjects through cross-curricular activities, learning within real life contexts and teaching and helping each other by sharing our own personal interpretations of how we understand things. Mrs. Norris supports us by being adaptable to our different learning styles and interests.

We visit the library every other week, where we listen to stories, and get to choose the books we love to read!

Have a look through some of our photos and see all the fun things we have been up to.


Canterbury Class PGL Trip