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Lincoln Class (Year 2)

Welcome to Lincoln Class!


We are named after a famous cathedral in Lincoln, which is at the top of a very high hill!


We have personal learning targets and love to answer our 'next steps' marking. It's always fun getting to write back to the teacher!


We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures and information.


In Maths in Year 2 we are continuing to use multiplication facts to support our learning, to deepen our knowledge of numbers we are also learning the inverse of a multiplication fact and sharing with each other our understanding of this through various methods such as multiplying, adding and using images called arrays.


In Year 2 throughout all subjects children are taking turns to work alongside different children so that we can share our individual interpretations of how we understand things. In Year 2 we believe that we can all become masters within any subject taught in the curriculum we understand that we all learn in different ways and are taking advantage of this by scaffolding each other's learning.


In English we are reading different stories about parties and thinking about party settings and what we have to do to plan a party, we have been writing stories about parties too and baked chocolate brownies! We are looking closely at all of the key features in stories and thinking about how we can transfer these into our own writing!


In English writing we are particularly focusing on the four different sentence types and how we can include these in all of our writing, these include: statements, commands, questions and exclamations! We are working hard to learn how to spell all of the common exception words correctly and use these within our writing in the most creative way!


In Year 2 we are really mastering our writing through learning how to draft and edit our work through listening to the verbal feedback our teacher gives us, peer assessment and by using the prompts such as dictionaries on our tables and the working walls around our classroom in which we have created ourselves!