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Ely Class (Year 5)

Welcome to Ely Class!


Our class is named after Ely Cathedral, a Benedictine cathedral built in Cambridgeshire in 1083. It was built on the site of an Abbey Church which dates back to AD 672.


This year we are going to be learning about a number of different interesting topics, such as the Norman invasion, World War One, the counties and cities of the UK, and Earth and Space, amongst others. We will be going on a number of different visits to inform our learning – our first one this year will be to the Islington museum to learn about and have a go at making some Victorian medicines!


We want our classroom to be an environment where we can ask questions, explore ideas, make mistakes, develop our creativity and deepen our understanding in every subject that we are learning. You can see some of the activities we have already enjoyed so far this year in the photos below, including a Roald Dahl workshop that we participated in and some of the different practical maths and science activities we have carried out, such as testing materials for their different properties.