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Durham Class (Year 3)


Welcome to Durham Class!



Our class is named after Durham Cathedral, a World Heritage Site. The Cathedral is home to the shrine of St Cuthbert and is a focus of pilgrimage and spirituality in North East England.


Our teacher is Mrs Hinks and our assistants are Mrs Richards and Mr Gerardo.


We have been incredibly busy this year with trips to the British Museum, the Science Museum, the Museum of Childhood and the Seven Kings Gurdwara.

We have been learning about the greatest builders in the world, games children play, rocks and soils, forces and magnets.


In mathematics, we have been developing our measuring, comparing, calculating and problem solving skills through the RUCSAC method for learning.


Our teacher strongly believes in experiential learning with lots of hands-on activities. We identified angles on trees, measured worms (made of plasticine). We visited the enchanted Place Between with Leon and are currently reading about Greek Myths.


In R.E, we have discussed theological questions through our Big Question thematic such as What does the Lord's Prayer mean to Christians?


In PE, we have been honing our hockey skills and will be developing our gymnastics skills.


Learning about Guatemala, the life of plants, and taking part in the Whole School Music concert  are next on the agenda for the rest of the academic year.


We hope you enjoy our photos.


A bientot!