St Andrew's (Barnsbury) CofE Primary School


Art and Design

Our Art and Design Curriculum at St. Andrew’s provides our pupils with the opportunity to engage in creativity and innovation. Our curriculum equips them with the knowledge and skills to create and experiment in their own works of art and design. Pupils are taught about making skills, how to generate ideas, the formal elements of art, knowledge of the work of influential artists and techniques and finally to critique their work and that of others. Our curriculum aims to teach our pupils how Art and Design has and continues to shape, our culture, history and future and provides a safe environment for creative expression.

Design and Technology

At St. Andrew’s our Design and Technology Curriculum is inspiring, creative and practical. Our pupils are taught to design, think innovatively and problem solve. Pupils will draw on disciplines such as maths, science and engineering, when designing and making products for a variety of contexts. Children explore Design and Technology, past and present, and how it impacts on the world around them. Our curriculum provides children with the opportunity to bring their ideas and innovations to life. Cooking and Nutrition is taught as part of our Design and Technology curriculum providing opportunities throughout the year groups to learn how to cook healthily and creatively. Cooking is a life skill and we believe all children should be equipped in learning how to cook affordable and healthy meals, for now and in the future.

Combined Curriculum Overview

To ensure our pupils are taught to a high standard we use ‘Kapow Combined Curriculum’ for Art and Design and Design and Technology, alternating between the two subjects on a half-termly basis.

Each year group has three units for each subject, which allow for the best overall skills coverage. These units enable our pupils to build upon their skills and knowledge and apply them to projects. The formal elements are laced throughout the units, with key skills being regularly revisited and practised.