St Andrew's (Barnsbury) CofE Primary School



The curriculum promotes a teaching of Humanities in a way that is meaningful to children. At St. Andrew's we study fewer topics in greater depth within the subjects History and Geography.


The children learn through a range of approaches within Humanities including using maps online to locate and explore different characteristics and features of their local area, to exploring real artefacts sent in from Islington Library that are updated and renewed every half term according to class themes.


York Class have already been enjoying a spot of bird watching as part of their forest school learning and are looking forward to more outdoor experiences. 


Coventry Class are beginning to look at the history of toys and how they have changed over the years. 


Lincoln Class will be discovering and locating countries and continents, studying the rivers that run through them as well as the oceans that surround them. 


Durham Class are learning about the great builders in history - they will be focusing on the Ancient Egyptians and the marvel that is Stonehenge.


Salisbury Class are excited to focus on the history of the attempted invasions of the Roman Empire into Britain.


Ely Class will be learning about the Norman Conquest, the role of castles and comparing how this conquest changed British society.


Canterbury Class will be exploring Britain through the ages and answering the question, ‘Has there ever been a better time to live in Britain?’  


At St. Andrew’s we believe that making our subjects appropriate and relevant to real life is how children learn and remember things. We ensure that our resources are stimulating and that each child has a purpose for their investigation in each new topic in Humanities. This allows children to lead their own learning and become masters in a way that they are truly interested in.