St Andrew's (Barnsbury) CofE Primary School


The maths curriculum at St. Andrew’s is planned in such a way that children develop fluency and automaticity in basic maths skills and a very good understanding of number. Our planning and teaching builds sequentially from year group to year group in line with the National Curriculum objectives and building on children’s number, shape, space and measures learned in Reception.

We teach maths fluency, revisiting each topic in the curriculum for that year group several times in the year to ensure that all children make good progress towards the end of year expectations and that they all have secure methods for calculation in the four operations.


Children’s knowledge and skills in different areas of maths is deepened with problem solving and reasoning activities. Reasoning activities for children of all abilities are embedded by tasks which allow children to apply their maths skills and knowledge to varied contexts and real life situations. We use the White Rose Education Maths SoW across the school.