St Andrew's (Barnsbury) CofE Primary School

Lincoln Class (Year 2)

Welcome to Lincoln Class!


We are named after a famous cathedral in Lincoln, which was the tallest building in the world for 238 years!


In our class, we love to answer learning questions and to complete our 'next steps'. It's always fun getting to write back to the teacher and to show what you know!


In Maths in Year 2 we are continuing to use multiplication facts to support our learning, to deepen our knowledge of numbers we are also learning the inverse of a multiplication fact and sharing with each other our understanding of this through various methods such as multiplying, adding and using images called arrays. We also work on geometry, measurements, time and directions.


In English we are focusing lots on storytelling into writing by listening to some new and traditional stories and then writing our own versions by changing the characters and the endings. It’s fun to predict what could happen next! We are using drama and word banks to support us. Also, Year 2 is all about mastering our writing through learning how to draft and edit our own work.


Throughout all subjects, children are taking turns to work alongside different members of the class so that we can share our individual interpretations of how we understand things. In Year 2 we believe that we can all become masters within any subject taught in the curriculum we understand that we all learn in different ways and are taking advantage of this by scaffolding each other's learning.


When learning we know that everyone can make mistakes, what matters is that we learn from them! In this class we hope everyone tries their best to become more independent and more responsible for their own work.