St Andrew's (Barnsbury) CofE Primary School

Coventry Class (Year 1)

Welcome to Coventry Class!


We are named after Coventry Cathedral, also known as St Michael's Cathedral. The city has had three cathedrals in its history…


The first was St. Mary's, a monastic building, only a few ruins of which remain. The second was St Michael’s; a 14th-century Gothic church later designated Cathedral, that remains a ruined shell after its bombing during the Second World War. The third is the new St Michael's Cathedral, built after the destruction of the former and a celebration of 20th-century architecture.


We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures and information. In our learning this year…


We started the year by looking at toys, with lot of discussions about our own toys, why we liked them, and what it might be like to be very small like them. We imagined being tiny and taking trips across the classroom. We learned that in Victorian times children used to play with toys too, but they were made of different materials like wood or metal!


We have learned all about ourselves and our bodies and how important it is to work out and have a healthy diet. We also learnt about the different seasons and observed the changes happening around us, our playground is full of leaves as we are in Autumn!


In RE we have learnt all about Creation: Noah’s story, The 10 Commandments and how Jesus is the ‘Light of the World’. We also presented this in our Class Collective Worship about Light of the World - it was amazing!

In Art we learned about a famous painter: Henri Matisse. We looked at some of his portraits and we even attempted to recreate one of them.


This first half term we enjoyed learning about our local area and with that purpose we visited “Culpeper Community Garden” just round the corner! We also enjoyed learning about different kind of trees in our local area and how important they are for us thanks to the “Tree awareness” visit.


We have lots more learning to do this year so watch this space!


Children in Year 1 have learnt how to create our own digital story book thanks to our recent visit of Alan and Jess from Discovery Three. Using a Digital story book creator app children were able to take their own pictures and use them afterwards to design their own digital story book about ‘Toys’. and 

Coventry Class had a special visit from Dog Trust charity. Keeley, from Dog Trust,  has taught us the 5 main rules to keep dogs happy!

We have also learnt how to meet a dog you don’t know and the steps we need to follow in order to keep the dog calm and not scared.