St Andrew's (Barnsbury) CofE Primary School


Curriculum Intent:


At St Andrew's Primary School, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum fosters confident, inquisitive, and independent learners who find joy in their learning. It is ambitious and designed to equip all pupils, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to thrive.


Our aim is to ensure that every child receives the best possible start to their education in our Reception Class, enabling them to fulfil their full potential and achieve future success, regardless of their individual starting points and backgrounds. This is achieved through a holistic and inclusive curriculum that caters to individual needs through careful planning and assessment. We identify and address any issues promptly, implementing early intervention or additional support as required.


Recognising each child as unique, we celebrate the diversity of our school community and strive to nurture their interests, imagination, and creativity. We promote and instil a love for learning within all pupils.


Curriculum Implementation:


At St Andrew's, we ensure that all children experience the seven areas of learning set out in the EYFS framework through a balance of adult-led teaching and child-initiated play.


We place a strong emphasis on learning through play and hands-on activities that spark and respond to children's interests. Learning is facilitated through a combination of adult-led activities and continuous provision opportunities that encourage children to develop their learning independently through discovery, exploration, curiosity, and challenge.


Recognising children's natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge, we provide stimulating and motivating continuous indoor and outdoor provision that follows their interests. This provision supports learners in investigating and developing their skills.


While children's interests are at the heart of our curriculum, we also ensure that all pupils have a broad range of experiences and opportunities covering a variety of festivals and celebrations. This exposure contributes to the cultural capital they need for future success.


British Values underpin our curriculum and everything we do. We focus on embedding the broader principles of the EYFS framework, understanding that children's development within these areas is key to fostering these values in the long term.


At St Andrew's, we believe that all children learn best when they feel secure, safe, and happy.


Curriculum Impact:


At St Andrew's, we aim to ensure that all children across the EYFS achieve their full potential by providing a broad and balanced curriculum. Our creative and balanced provision of learning experiences cultivates happy, motivated, and independent learners. We strive to ensure each child makes strong progress towards achieving the Early Learning Goals at the end of Reception from their individual starting points.


Last year, our children outperformed all similar groups in the borough. Pupil premium children here achieved at a higher level than their non-pupil premium counterparts in the borough.


All children receive the best possible start to their school life and develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as they continue their learning journey into Key Stage One.